UMTR Ultra Series: Catching Up with Voyageur and Marquette

Hello All-

Thanks for your patience in awaiting the updated standings! I hope you all have been enjoying the beautiful summer weather as much as I have. A vacation here, few days there, and all of a sudden three more races have happened! Great participation by both racers and volunteers at the Voyageur, and some folks snuck over to Marquette to grab series points.

Leslie Semler holds the lead in the Overall and Open divisions after another 50K win, this one at Marquette. Had I managed to get another update out after Voyaguer, Christi Nowak would have owned the top spot in both after her victory…a seesaw battle in progress! Maria Barton and Amy Clark continue to lead their respective divisions.

At Marquette, Rob Henderson had a great race to finish fourth overall! For the series, Chris Rubesch still heads the open and overall, although Wayne Nelson is only 5 points back in the overall while leading the masters division! And, Rick Bothwell in the Grandmasters. No surprises there…yet!

Keep the volunteer notifications coming, and get out on the trails! Let me know of any errors or omissions.


Results can be found on the UMTR Ultra Series Page.

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