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UMTR Ultra Series: Hello, Chester Woods! And 100 Mile Fun at Kettle Moraine…‏

It was great to see enthusiastic participation from ultra series participants at the Chester Woods 50K, a new addition to the series this year! Nearly a fifth of the finishers were UMTR members, awesome turnout! Highlights were Jesse Berwald placing second, with Corey Jurowski, Kevin Langton, and Matt Wilson also in the top 10. Alex Eichman finished eighth on the women’s side, with Stephanie Hoff Read More →


Gnarly Bandit: The Tide Turns at Kettle

The staccato sound of the Bandit’s yellowed fingernails tapping the desktop registered his level of impatience, which had increased lately for a variety of reasons – not the least of which was the fact that he had been working for over an hour trying to communicate with the customer service department at the other end of his phone line. He listened to the tranquil, automated Read More →


The Gnarly Bandit Heads East

The Bandit rubbed his hands over the fire, slowly working the feeling back into his long, gnarly digits. Nearly two months removed from the Zumbro hundred miler and they were still stiff and numb. But a warm fire and many draughts off his bottle of Hair o’ the Dog had made progress. He flexed each finger in turn, listening to the sound of each knuckle Read More →

UMTR Trail Series: Through Superior Spring 25K

“There was a bit of mud out there today” and “I love this race!” Those were two comments heard over and over at last week’s Spring Superior Races in Lutsen. Attached are the updated Trail Series Results and we have people putting up some very impressive numbers!!!! Overall Men’s and Women’s leaders are Ethan (don’t call me Dr. yet) who has run all four races Read More →

UMTR Ultra Series: Slippery Slopes on the Superior Trail‏

Lots of participation at Superior! 26 ultra series participants earned finisher woodles (unless I missed someone), or about a quarter of the series. I know too that even more people were up there volunteering. From the reports I’ve heard, the trail conditions on the SHT were absolutely perfect! All finishers will be able to one-up any Tough Mudder stories forever… On to standings. For the Read More →