Greetings from the UMTR Ultra Series!

The 2017 season is well underway. We’ve had two series of races, with END-SURE and Zumbro in the books. Trails have cleared early this year, and I hope you’re all enjoying the early season start!

A few notable results as well! Mark Martinsen won the 100K at END-SURE, Mark Brose the 50K. At Zumbro, Tina Johnson and Jeff Miller were third and fourth overall in the 100 mile, and Kelly Jaworski was second female in the 50 mile. Honestly, with racing like that we’re truly off like a shot! Next up is Trail Mix 50K this weekend. Good luck if you’re lining up at Lake Rebecca Park Reserve!

Series info will be available at: Please review the results, and if you have any questions or corrections contact us and we can get them corrected.

Happy trails!

Eric Nordgren

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