New Facebook Page!

Greetings UMTR Members, from the Board of Directors! One of the areas we’ve promised to work on this year is communication, and we wanted to give you an update on a couple things that we’re doing to help support that goal.
First, we know that in a Facebook Group it’s hard to know what messages are official UMTR messages, and what is part of the community discussion. *We LOVE our Facebook Group community, and we have no intention of changing it.* What we’re going to add is an OFFICIAL UMTR Facebook Page. Later next week we will be unveiling our new page that you can ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ for the latest updates on everything UMTR is doing. It won’t be replacing this group (and announcements from the Page will show up here as well), but will give you another place to get the official scoop.
Next, we have a willing volunteer (Lisa Kapsner-Swift) who will serve as our communications coordinator. She will be helping to make sure that messages go out in a timely manner, and that you have all the info you need about what’s going on.
Finally, a reminder that in addition to our website/blog ( we also have a Twitter feed ( where we send out updates from the website, and a new Instagram feed ( for you to share trail running photos and follow. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to know what’s going on with your favorite trail running community no matter your social media platform!

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