UMTR Ultra Series: Two More in the Books


We’ve had another two races go into the books for the 2014 Ultra Series. Having been on the course at the Black Hills races, my hat is off to anyone who finished on a challenging day! If you have not heard, there was mud out there that made black ice look positively tacky. And looking at the pictures from Afton, it appears that was a wonderful day for racing too! On to the updated standings.

With a big W at the Afton 50K, Leslie Semler has taken over the open and overall division leads. She has earned a full set of volunteer points as well, and those points make the difference between her and second place! Maria Barton now leads the masters after a great race at Afton, and Amy Clark holds the grandmasters.

For men, Chris Rubesch reclaimed the lead in the overall standings, lots of back and forth! Corey Jurowski and Jordan Schmidt are not far behind. Wayne Nelson has a comfortable lead in the masters, and Rick Bothwell is still clinging on in the Grandmasters, though John Maas, Peter Schnorbach, and Rick Stevens are all within striking distance. The overall series is tight as well, with Chris and Wayne sharing the top slot currently. I don’t expect they would rest on their laurels, but if they do, there are three other runners within 35 points. Going to be an interesting finish to the year…

Next up is the Voyageur! If you haven’t caught on yet, there are photo opportunities with the UMTR banner before most of the series races. Keep an eye out and make sure you get in the picture!

As always, let me know of any errors or omissions. Send in those volunteer notifications as well.


Results can be found on the UMTR Ultra Series Page.

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