UMTR Ultra Series: Superior Fall Races Deliver Again!

Aloha from the balmy north!

The Superior Fall races lived up to expectation, with great weather, muddy trails, and spectacular participation from the UMTR Ultra Series participants. I think I saw as many people up there crewing and volunteering as I saw racing! I really enjoyed getting to talk with many of you, and watching great performances on the trail.

As for the series, Leslie Semler solidified her lead in the open and overall divisions, finishing fourth in the 100. Amy Clark remains in the lead for the grandmasters. While those pictures are clearing up, the masters division became murkier. Right now, Maria Barton leads with 210 points, with Kathy Jambor at 200 and Janet Hausken at 195. How will that play out? Getting down to crunch time!

On the men’s side, Chris Rubesch won the 50 mile to extend his lead in the open and overall divisions. Wayne Nelson holds the masters lead and is second in the overall, perhaps the only one with a chance at catching Chris. For the grandmasters, Rick Bothwell holds a slight lead over Peter Schnorbach with John Maas close behind. That division could swing any direction as well. Lots to follow through the last three races of the year!

In case you haven’t heard, there was also international coverage of the races this year from Talk Ultra’s Ian Corless. Check out his story and pictures here: If you do podcasts, I hear that UMTR’s Adam Schwartz-Lowe will be on the next Talk Ultra episode. Fun to see exposure for the excellent ultrarunning we have here in the Midwest!

As always, let me know if I missed anything, and report those volunteer hours.


Results can be found on the UMTR Ultra Series Page.

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