UMTR Trail Series: And Her Quest Continues…

Last weekend saw our most recent race in the UMTR Trail Series with the Eugene Curnow(holy buckets this is one huge challenge!) Trail Marathon. As usual, the course was unrelenting with the infamous powerlines, Jarrow’s Beach, and technical terrain. Throw in rain from the night before and you have a mudfest which made the course even more challenging. That being said, this race is a true gem and has a wonderful “small-town” feel with the area trail runners and surrounding community residents coming together to put on a top-notch event.

This year’s race was highlighted by Janet Gray’s continued pursuit of the “Shoot the Moon” award. To date, she is the only UMTR member to finish every race and intends to continue. “Go, Janet, Go!”

Other highlights included Chris Platcek’s time of 4:52:51, Nathan Wisehart’s time of 4:58:49 and Kathy Jambor’s time of 5:15:33.

In the standings, their are still a number of battles going on in the Women’s Division. Christi Nowak leads Wendy Nelson(155-140) in the Women’s Open. Janet Gray continues to lead the Women’s Master over Wendi Baldwin and Nora Compton(215-170-16) and a logjam exists in the Women’s Grandmasters with a four-way battle led by Yvonne Hubmayr over Amy Clark, Carolyn Petersen and Leann Lehmann(140-135-135-120).

The Men’s Divisions see healthy leads by Ethan Richards in the Open and Luke Nelson in the Masters. The Grand Master’s is still open for the taking with Douglas Hegley and Rick Stevens tied with 150 points closely followed by John Eiden with 145.

We still have strong competitions in both the Women’s and Men’s with Christi Nowak leading Janet Gray(155-125) and Ethan Richards over Luke Nelson(210-155)

Next race is the SMU Scamper this Saturday(7/26) in Winona. Janet Gray will be there…who will join her?

As usual, please check to make sure you have been credited for the races you’ve participated in and have notified the series director if you have volunteered so you get credits for your efforts. With the closeness of this year’s classes, every point counts!

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UMTR Trail Series results can be found on the UMTR Trail Series Page.

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