Ultra Series Update!

It was another big weekend at the Superior Fall Trail Races, and prior to these epic races, the standings were calculated and the numbers were crunched for our Ultra Series. As such, the information below doesn’t yet include the Superior races – so hold onto your hats and keep an eye out for more in the near future!

With that in mind, read on to see how things were shaking out at the end of August:

We’ve had another two sets of races in the series, Marquette and Lean Horse. If you’re looking to pick up points in the future, these are often lower in participation for the Ultra Series (pro tip!). As such, a few folks grabbed valuable points out east and west.

Currently, for the women, Kelly Jaworski has a strong lead in the overall division. She also leads the open division, while Brook Wheeler heads the masters, and Maria Barton the grandmasters.

For the men, Jeff Leuwerke is leading the overall division, but at least three other runners are close behind, Mark Martinesen, Erik Raivo, and Mark Emmons. Jeff heads the open division, David Lenahan the masters, and Mark Martinsen the grandmasters (though perennial champ Rick Bothwell is lurking!).

Remember to get those volunteer efforts reported, and let me know of any errors or omissions. Next up in the series is Glacial Trail on 10/8 – see you there!


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