Post-Superior Ultra Series Update

Hello all!

Last weekend was a wonderful celebration on the north shore of Lake Superior. We had amazing participation in the races, as well as a large number of our series participants doing their part as volunteers. It was wonderful to see so many of you up there, and I look forward to the party again next year.

As for the races, congrats to Tina Johnson for a great finish as second woman in the 100. She’s been so solid at that distance in recent years! In the 50 mile race, Anna Yurchenko had a great race to finish third for the women. Congrats to everyone who found their way to the poolside finish line! Where there was mud out there it was pretty spectacular, and that soupy stuff will certainly define my memory of the race.

We’re getting down to the homestretch of the series. Glacial Trail is up next, with three more races to follow in October. Will our current leaders hang on, or will there be late surprises? With the number of races this late in the year, someone could make a push. Stay tuned!

You can view the current standings here. As always, let me know of any errors or omissions. See you on the trails!


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