Ultra Series Update!

Greetings, UMTR Ultra Series!
Apologies for the long radio silence on the Ultra Series Results. (Current standings found here.) June came and went so quickly that I feel like I slept through the month. Many of you likely feel very different, as we’ve had Chester Woods, Kettle Moraine, Black Hills, and Afton go by. There are so many great performances that I can’t begin to recap them all, but will shout out a few of the highest highlights.
Tina Johnson has been cleaning up at the 100 mile distance. After her earlier win at Zumbro, she’s been second at Kettle Moraine and Black Hills.  What will the rest of the year hold for her?
At Chester Woods there was a close race at the front, with Rob Henderson and David Lenahan going second and third less than two minutes apart. Woooeee!
On the women’s side, Kelly Jaworski leads overall, with Brook Wheeler 15 points behind. Kelly owns the open lead with Tina Johnson close behind, Brook the clear leader in the masters, and Maria Barton way ahead in the grandmasters.
For the men, the overall lead is clear as mud with 8 men within 50 points of the lead. Mark Martinsen has the lead, Erik Raivo 5 points back, and Jeff Miller 5 points further. The open division has Jeff Leuwerke tied with Erik, David Lenahan and Andy Lohn are tied in the masters, and Mark and Jeff share the lead in the grandmasters. This is the fifth year I’ve been tracking the series, and I don’t remember this amount of logjam at the top.  All of the series will be fun to watch!
Lots of volunteering, make sure that you continue to report those hours so that we can keep tabs on your series points and track them for our year end donation.
As always, forgive me for errors, oversights, and omissions. Email me at enordgre@gmail.com to correct my blunders!
Best of luck if you’re coming north for Voyageur. I’ll be sharing the course, so I look forward to seeing many of you out there!

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