UMTR Ultra Series – Sweaty, Sweaty Summer Racing Edition

Good afternoon!

We had a mighty warm day at the Voyageur, and I hear that Marquette is looking toasty for those of you headed to the UP. I can only imagine that Lean Horse is likely to be a continuation on the scorching race season, so hit those fluids hard (I also recommend Freeze Pops highly. They may have saved my bacon at Voyageur!)

As for the series, credit to Leslie Semler and Jake Hegge for impressive performances in that heat, as they took their respective wins. Sara Peterson still holds the women’s open lead with Sam Carlson and Kate Leis close behind, Janet Gray has the masters with Robyn Reed chasing, and Janet Hausken continues a great season, leading the grandmasters and overall by a comfortable margin.

Rob Henderson wasn’t running, but still earned points for volunteering and has the lead in the open and overall men’s. Kevin Langton holds the masters lead, but Clinton Dehne and Wayne Nelson are lurking, and John Maas has the grandmasters lead with Jeff Miller just a few points back.

Glad to see a lot of volunteer efforts come in, keep up the good work everyone! As always, let me know of any errors or oversights. I’m on vacation for a week, so the next update will likely be after Lean Horse, but before the showdown at Superior. Happy trails!


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