UMTR Ultra Series: A Sweaty, Sticky, Steamy Sawtooth

At some point this year I will grow weary of writing these updates and making such a big deal of the weather. That point has not yet come. Hat has to go off to anyone who tied their shoes on and raced along the Superior Hiking trail this past weekend. Conditions were ferocious, with the hundred milers enduring heat and humidity from race start to early evening on Saturday, and the fifty mile competitors seeing the same most of the day on Saturday. I’ll make note of Chris Robbins, who had a great race to finish 5th overall in the 100!

Must also mention those who volunteered at the race, and thank them. So far I have given the bonus points to Wayne Nelson, Chris Rubesch, Christi Nowak, Ethan Richards, Misty Swanson, and Craig Hertz. I would have given some to Bill Pomerenke, except he has already maxed out on the volunteer points! Those folks have either written to me already, or I remember seeing them during the race. Thank you to anyone else who was out there, and be sure to send me a note so you get those points if I missed you.

Now, onto the attached series results. If you were hoping for a big shakeup, you may be disappointed as the leaders have stayed exactly as before. Congrats to Rick Bothwell, Tammy Hunter, Maria Barton, Ron Hendrickson, Tina Johnson and Chris Rubesch for maintaining your leads. Three sets of races remain on the calendar, so can anyone step up and knock these defiant, stubborn point gluttons from their perch?

Bit of a break in the schedule now, before the racing heads south to the Ice Age Trail and the moraines for the Glacial Trail 50K/50M. Good luck to anyone racing there.

As usual, let me know of any errors or omissions.  Happy trails!

Results can be found on the Ultra Series Page.

Eric Nordgren UMTR Ultra Series Director

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