UMTR Trail Series: Déjà vu all over again…

It’s been a month and two races since the last UMTR Trail Series update. During that time we experienced extremes…we saw the southern most race in the Trail Series(SCU Trail Scamper) and also the northern most race in the Trail Series(Fisherman’s Picnic) in Grand Marais. And we also saw the end of the busiest portion of our race schedule with four races in five weeks before having a whole month off to refresh the legs.

But then there are the constants…and those constants have names….Gray, Compton, and Stevens.

Janet Gray and Nora Compton toed the line in both races and remain forces in the Trail Series. Janet continues her march towards her goal of shooting the moon in this year’s series, as well as attempting to win the overall Womens’category. With the past two races Janet increased her lead over second place Nora Compton(330-245) in the Women’s Masters class and leads Christi Nowak in the overall standings(240-155). Still, with a number of races left on the schedule, both competitions are still up for grabs.

For the Men’s Rick Stevens was the only male to compete in either race. Rick has the Men’s Grandmasters lead over Douglas Hegley(200-150) while Ethan Richards still leads the overall Men’s category over Stevens(210-170).

Next up is the mind-numbing, ankle banging Moose Mountain Marathon. Best of luck to all those racing on the SHT!

UMTR Trail Series results can be found on the UMTR Trail Series Page.

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