Pre-Zumbro Gnarly Bandit update!

Hey! Trail people!

Stop refreshing the Zumbro weather forecast and take a minute to appreciate our AMAZING roster of 2018 Gnarly Bandit contenders, preparing to toe the line for their first race less than 48 hours from now!

That’s right, we’ve got SIXTEEN people registered for the Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series. They’ll be contending for eternal glory, enshrinement in the hallowed list of Gnarly Bandits going back a full decade (it’s here:, and a cash prize, courtesy of our Gnarly Bandit sponsor, Chad Heer of KW Commercial!

There are two returning Gnarlies on the list, Andrew Deering (2017) and Erik Raivo (2016 and 2017). Incredibly, Erik is going for a Gnarly three-peat! We’ve also got an impressive list of first-timers, featuring Michael Asmus, Brian Corgard, Tammy Davis, Greg Geiger, Jeff Goldstein, Robert Henderson, Allan Holtz, Brian Landstrom, Matt McCarty, Jeremy Platson, Gonzalo Reusch, Andrew Sandor, Even Semrud, and Nate Ziemski.

So, if you see these would-be Gnarlies at the starting line or on the trail this weekend, give them your best wishes and all the trail love. They’re going to go out there and live the dream!

– Robyn

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