Meet our Trail Run Series Sponsor, Randy Kottke!

Every year, we seek sponsors for each of our race series. This sponsorship allows us to provide awards for top finishers in each series, and it gives us the opportunity to highlight a few great businesses in our community who share our interest in trail running.

Today, we’re introducing Randy Kottke, sponsor of the 2018 Trail Run Series. Thank you, Randy!

Here’s where we break from the script. While you’ll see bios from our next two sponsors in the coming days, there’s no bio here. For those of you who’ve met Randy, you know he keeps it simple. (And if you haven’t met Randy, put it on your agenda.) Part of keeping it simple was not giving us a bio. So we’ll wing it.

Randy Kottke builds things, and he fixes things. He’s pretty darn good at it. He also runs long distances, in heat and cold and in conditions that give the hardiest of us pause. Randy cares about the trail running community and getting more people excited about trail running. We’re delighted to have him as a sponsor yet again in 2018.

So if you’re in the market for a guy who builds things, and fixes things, and who values the things we do on the trails, Randy’s your guy. Give him a call at 612-849-3829.

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