Meet Gnarly Bandit Contender Erik Raivo

1. When you started out at the Zumbro 100-mile back in April did you feel confident you would still be in the running for the award at this point?
Yes, while knowing that each race will pose a different set of uncertain challenges, I felt that my experience and preparation would allow me a good chance at success in the series.
2. What races in the series stand out as memorable (good and bad)?
Zumbro – extremely cold temps overnight, near perfect trail conditions
Black Hills – triple digit heat
3. Which race would you say “went according to plan” more so than the others?
Kettle Moraine – after going out too hard and leaving Zumbro hurting, I executed a fairly even keeled race from the beginning to end of Kettle, allowing for the quick turnaround to a tough Black Hills.
4. How was your recovery between the races?
Zumbro required substantial recovery time, but in the other races, I came out free from setbacks, and required little time to rest and refuel.
5. What’s on your calendar after Wild Duluth?
Nothing else for 2016.  Giving some thought to the winter races like Tuscobia and Arrowhead.  Dreaming about 2017 but nothing definite yet.
6. Any advice for runners looking to attempt the series next year?
Focus on the finish.  Self preservation=Survival=Success
And don’t forget to have fun!
7. Any additional thoughts?
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