Gnarly Bandit: Introducing competitor Angela Barbera…

Gnarly Competitor - Angela Barbera23 runners toed the line to begin the 2013 UMTR Gnarly Bandit Series. This grueling five race series kicked off back in April at the Zumbro 100 Mile, ran through the Kettle Moraine, Black Hills and Superior 100 Milers, and will wrap up October 19 with the Wild Duluth 100K. With one race left to run, eight runners remain in contention for the $600 cash prize courtesy of Wilderness Athlete. We’ll be looking to talk with all of the finalists.

Next up, Angela Barbera:

1. When you started out at the Zumbro 100-mile back in April did you feel confident you would still be in the running for the award at this point?

I mentally knew I could do it but accepted that I had to be very lucky to finish them all. A twisted ankle, stomach issues, or getting lost – all reasons to take out a back of the pack runner. Just one race at a time and I feared them all.

2. What races in the series stand out as memorable (good and bad)?

Zumbro, especially the cold at night was tough, I had to actually take a 10 minute nap in the early a.m. and that was a new experience! Black Hills hotness on the second day took me by surprise. Superior – wow, the heat at night was something new! I did not get my normal night recharge and found myself concerned about dragging at 10:30 a.m.

3. Which race would you say “went according to plan” more so than the others?

I would have to say my home town race Kettle!!

4. How was your recovery between the races?

I don’t remember. I only know that I would never complain because John Taylor is my hero!!

5. What’s on your calendar after Wild Duluth?

I decided to do something crazy and see what the body would do for me. Why not??? TBunk 200 miles. A good way to finish up a great year!!

6. Any advice for runners looking to attempt the series next year?

If I can get this far, anyone can!

7. Any additional thoughts?

I have loved the whole experience. I have come into the races without crew but you would never guess it! My UMTR friends have all rallied and helped me in all ways possible. I come away from the races feeling super blessed of knowing and being in a community like this. Thank you!!!!

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