Gnarly Bandit: Important registration reminder!!

The start of the Gnarly Bandit is fast approaching! If you are participating this year, remember that you must take care of the following:

1) Join the UMTR! You must be a member to compete in the Gnarly Bandit.
2) You must be registered for the Gnarly before the first race, the Zumbro 100M on 4/11/2014.
– On the membership form, mark the box that indicates entry into the Gnarly Bandit Series.
– If you are already a UMTR member and wish to enter, contact us indicating you wish to enter the Gnarly Bandit Series.
3) You must be registered for the Zumbro 100M.
– Note that registration for the Zumbro 100 Mile closes on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2nd!

A current entrants list is available on the Gnarly Bandit page. Please verify your name is on this list if you intend on running the series. If you believe you are registered for the series and are not included on this list, please contact us immediately.

Remember, races are not credited retroactively – once the starting gun goes off at Zumbro, no more entries to the 2014 Gnarly Bandit will be accepted.

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